by Misophonia

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released 07 September 2014

Mixed and produced by Jens Moss @ Mossy Productions:

Mastered by Acle Kahney @ 4dSounds:

Artwork by Michel Winckler-Krogh @ Intense:
Artwork photo by Kasper Morville:
Misophonia logo by Mia Fremming.



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Misophonia Aarhus, Denmark

The danish progressive metal act Misophonia explores the limits within modern metal and combines groovy riffs, polyrythmic patterns, catchy melodies and ambient soundscapes in a skullcrushing cocktail.

Rasmus Castro – vocals
Hamed Golchin – guitar
Jens Moss – guitar
Mads Trebbien – guitar
Jakob Brøndlund – bass
Morten Christensen – drums
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Track Name: Disintegration
Running where I can’t see
Breathing the dust of the unknown
Struggling to get through this maze of black and grey
These paths seems endless

I know that I have to get
Far away
From this place
Won’t look back
Won’t forget
Determined to find myself again
And mend what I have broken
on my way

Perception is changing
Reality kicks in
I feel the remorse so devastating
Obedience led to this
A mind separated from the core
Will never be free

Within myself I’ll find my way out
Soon enough I’ll see the daylight
I’m looking forward now
I’m looking forward now
Getting closer to the center
I’m getting closer to the center
Within myself I’ll find a way out

Find my
Find my
Way out
Track Name: Incapacity
Recognition has failed to appear
The altered perception is ever changing
Disruption is the only alternative now
Attempting to take control will always fail

Unable to function or react in this blur
Ignorance results in everything but growth
Powerless and detached from this reality
Helpless in making way to the outside

Can we put everyone on hold?
To recreate and assemble yourself again
Let’s finish this
Did you put everyone on hold?
To reengage and assemble yourself again
by ending this
I'm done!

Distressed and intrusive thoughts
taking advantage within
Missing the option to separate and rethink
Unaware of reluctance that devours
every remaining existence

Can we put everything on hold?
To recreate and assemble yourself again

Did you put everything on hold
to reengage and assemble yourself again?
Track Name: Subjugation
Descendants of a corrupted transition
Blindly consumption, depraving our own ideologies
Centuries of treachery
shamelessly aiming towards the illusion of purity

Slowly draining any remaining
hope for descendants to survive

Stripped down, we're stuck
no signs of changing luck
tearing down what we are building up
running off grid like a spinning top

The things we were promised
The lies we were told
Dissolving unnoticed
just like we foretold

We keep on ignoring
The signs that are shown
We keep on denying
The blame is our own

Relentless destruction of mind and soul
Deception accomplished
Refusing to be the responsible
denying the damage is done
the damage is done


Stay put!
Keep still!
Break loose!

Stand in line
surrender to the hatred
Stay behind
the fiction they created

The things we were promised
The lies we were told
Dissolving unnoticed
The things we were promised
The lies we were told
Dissolving unnoticed
The things we were promised
Dissolving unnoticed